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However, while these are often good enough to do the job, there are plenty of composts that have been specifically designed for planting tubs and hanging baskets — and we definitely recommend using these rather than more generic types of compost. Composts are usually composed of a base ingredient peat, loam, recycled green waste, manure etc with some added extras, such as fertilisers to ensure they get the major nutrients needed for healthy growth — the main ones being nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium.

Hanging baskets require quite a lot of care and attention, so additives to look out for in a good hanging basket compost are a slow release feed and water-retaining gel — this will help keep your flowers fresh and growing throughout the lifespan of your arrangement. Hanging baskets have a tendency to dry out, so keeping a good level of moisture within the basket is essential.

Try These 9 Plants for Colorful Hanging Baskets

With lots of products on the market, it can still be hard to decide which is the best compost type for hanging baskets , but here at Vertigrow, our experts recommend J. This compost has been specially formulated for container arrangements, and includes the water retaining agent vermiculite and all the nutrients needed to keep your shrubs or flowers well fed for weeks.


You can find our complete range of composts here and our basket plants here. Any questions?

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Buy from our partners. A killer makes a frantic phone confession to police, only to recant with equal desperation--and absolute conviction An attempt on the life of a strangely reclusive war vet yields questions about his mysterious past--and his very existence A thirty-year-old crime is retraced step-by-baffling-step after the victim's skeleton is discovered buried in cement A divine vision leads to religious epiphany, the discovery of a corpse in a trunk, and a miraculous day of judgment The discovery of a young actor found hanging from a makeshift scaffold suggests a prank gone wrong--until a quote from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night offers the true and tantalizing solution.

From the neglected grounds of a crumbling mansion to the damp recesses of a tenement slum to the idyllic serenity of a public park, crimes flourish. Only Ian Rankin could conceive of them.