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In particular, for the gathering system the main principles are related to the fluid mechanic: the reservoir pressure drives the fluids to the surface and then by pipelines to a delivery or process area; artificial lift methods could be applied between the pressure source and the delivery point in order to add pressure energy to the system.

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For the process plant, necessary to meet the sale specification for the fluids, the main principles are physical and chemical, often non-linear. Figure 1 represents schematically the distinction between these two environments. Log in to your subscription Username. Peer reviewed only Published between: Published from year: and Published to year: Advanced search Show search help.


Rock Mechanics Symposium and 5th U. Marco Nicola Distaso Eni S. Almatasem Sharon Eni S. Society of Petroleum Engineers Disciplines 4. Other Resources. About us Contact us Help Terms of use. Publishers Content Coverage Privacy. As reviewers of the book have noted, this integration along with constraint programming being incorporated into a number of programming languages, brings the field a step closer to being able to simply state a problem and having the computer solve it.

John Hooker is a leading researcher in both the Optimization and Constraint Programming research communities.

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He has been an instrumental principal for this integration, and over the years, he has given numerous presentations and tutorials on the integration of these two areas. It is felt by many in the field that the future Optimization courses will increasingly be taught from this integrated framework.

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Hooker has published two earlier books on the methodologies of Optimization and Constraint Programming. This book will be his third book in this evolving area and it is the book that completes the process of integrating these two methodologies into a single set of methods.

Integrated Methods for Optimization

Hooker has done a particularly good job of organizing the … array of options within the framework. This book is highly recommended, both as a reference for researchers working at the intersection of constraint programming and integer programming and as a textbook for graduate level courses …. The material is illustrated by numerous examples. It brings the methods of both fields under one roof, so that they and their combinations are all available to solve a problem. The book is intended for those who wish to learn about optimization from an integrated point of view, including researchers, software developers, and practitioners.

It is also for postgraduate students interested in a unified treatment of the field. It provides a very accessible and detailed treatment of constraint programming for someone whose background is in optimization. The author takes as his starting point the relatively recently created opportunity to bring together mathematical programming methods of optimization and constraint logic programming.

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Although the book has been written in some senses as an advanced text book at PhD level, with exercises included, OR practitioners of optimization and all interested in modelling and solving structured deterministic problems will enjoy this book. JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Show next edition. This book will be his third book in this evolving area and it is the book that completes the process of integrating these two methodologies into a single set of methods see more benefits.

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